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      I registered my master collection perhaps a year ago when I installed it.  Recently when I ran an app (I think it was photoshop) it asked me to register.  I did again and nothing untoward happened (I feared it would say ' this copy has already been registered - your copy is no longer valid').  And I did again get a welcoming email with thanks for registering.


      Any clues?  I sometimes figure out how licenses from companies work, but even after reading many posts on this forum, I find it's still a mystery.


      I would also like to upgrade this machine From Vista64 to Win7-64.  There seems to be little advice on this on the forum - I'd be happy to read posts if someone can put some links in.  (Too bad the forum doesn't have a 'sticky' for questions like this.)

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          Re-registering is likely no problem at all.  The system allows it probably because it's the only way you could really update your previous address or phone number or email.  Your previous information was likely overwritten with the newer info you put it and I wouldn't be concerned.


          Note that registration of software is a separate and distinct process from license validation.  Validation is driven off the serial key in your box or the email you received when you purchased the software.  Registration of the software registers your contact information with the company for notification of updates and fixes, news and special offers, etc.

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            PS - For upgrading the operating system on your machine, e.g., from Vista to Windows 7, this other thread may help:



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              Thanks.  The Win7 upgrade info is helpful - my forum search didn't seem to capture this message.  I wonder if I have to deactivate every component in the master collection?


              I'm gun-shy with Adobe licenses.  A few years ago I was using a backup program to copy my boot drive.  I'd mount the backup boot drive and run a couple of applications to be sure that the backup copy worked.


              This process appeared to 're-init' my acrobat license each time I tested the backup boot drive and after time, license went dead.  Contacting tech support did not help - so I just went without acrobat until the next release was available.  (The backup boot drive was always mounted on the same machine with no other changes - same motherboard, etc.  Just a different boot drive.  And still, Adobe said 'tough luck, but we're not required to tell you when or under what conditions we decide your license is going to be taken away.')  I fervently hope it's a more transparent process now, but running apps like Premiere Pro don't seem to be willing to show a license no. - but it does show the 'deactivate' button so I can do that.