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    CFWINDOW open/close effects..anyone?

      I love CFWINDOW for it's ease of use. However, there seems to be alot to be desired when you compare CF8's implementation of extJS and the actual extJS code that you find on it's site (www.extjs.com).

      I cannot find a way to add a spry effect or any effect to closing a CFWINDOW. I did find a nice article from Todd Sharp on how to add a fade in effect ( http://cfsilence.com/blog/client/index.cfm/2007/8/10/Fading-A-cfwindow-Into-View-With-The- Magic-Of-Spry)
      but no complementing fade out effect.

      Seems you can't intercept the onclick of the X button on the window to say, fade out or switch off or puff...or whatever.

      The other thing we're missing is the minimize and maximize buttons on the window.

      Is it me or did Adobe not fully implement all the goodies the extJS offers the dialog API? (maybe they'll address this in a future patch or something)

      So if anyone knows a hack to intercept the [x] button, let me know.