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    How to set capture time?

    johnrellis Most Valuable Participant

      Am I missing something obvious, or is there indeed no way to set the capture time of a photo?  Invoking


      photo:setRawMetadata ("dateTimeOriginal", LrDate.currentTime ())


      results in the error:


      LrPhoto:setRawMetadata: unknown metadata key "dateTimeOriginal"


      (The documentation doesn't list "dateTimeOriginal", but I tried it anyway.)


      If true, this seems like a pretty big omission?

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          areohbee Level 6

          Mr. Chet Drarvik?

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            JW Stephenson Level 4

            Chet - no way in LR that I know of at this point.  You also can't set the model and make of the camera which all three would come in handy for scanned images from my epson scanner.  I have not found a work-around other than creating an Task that iterates through the images you select and then calls an external program like Exiftool to set the date.  For the new date to be effective you have to import the sidecar file (or the xmp data inside the DNG).  This of course means you have to be sure to save the metadata (Ctrl-S) before running the routine to avoid overwriting develop and other metadata changes you have made.