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    Help on cloning technique?


      Hi, I recently made a clone video. I shot the two "me's" but found out when editing that the interaction didn't match up. I need to extend the arm a bit on the punch, how would I go about doing this? Thanks in advance!


      Here's the video:



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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          The best way would be to isolate the clone from the background by rotoscoping. It will take some time. Then just move the copy into the correct position. If you need to you could then apply a little puppet pin or other distortion to a few of the frames. Each frame that you're using puppet pin on needs to be a separate layer.


          There is no easy one click solution that would sell this effect. It's also very hard to sell this kind of effect if you don't do some careful pre-production planning. If I had shot it I would have shot the master (guy on the left) then shot the right side guy but with a 6b green screen behind him and his punch so that I wouldn't have to roto. A target to punch, like a tennis ball on a string would also help.

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            thatdude55555 Level 1

            Thanks, that's really helpful

            I'll bear that in mind next time!!!