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    Custom Message Service  adapter


      anybody knows where can I find some serious documentation about how to create custom message service adapters?
      I tried the sample from the lcds dev guide, it works fine, but i need to use subscription handling, but not found it anywhere how to realize one...
      Can anybody point me where can i find one, or how to do this?

      I already override the handlesSubscriptions(), and manage() methods. The manage() is being called, but dont know what to do there...

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          Mete Atamel Level 1
          Did you figure this out? If not, could you elaborate more on what you're trying to achieve with the custom adapter?
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            devhu Level 1
            I needed the custom adapter to send 3 messages to 3subscribed users. The message contains each users name...

            The adapter code is something like this(not like a pro but working)

            private Vector messages = new Vector();

            public Object invoke(Message message)
            MessageService msgService = (MessageService)getDestination().getService();

            String header = message.getHeader("msgType").toString();

            if (header.equals("playerData")) {

            i = i + 1;
            Integer j = new Integer(i);

            //msgService.sendPushMessageFromPeer(message, true);

            if (i == 3) {
            i = 0;
            msgService.pushMessageToClients((Message)messages.get(0), true);
            msgService.pushMessageToClients((Message)messages.get(1), true);
            msgService.pushMessageToClients((Message)messages.get(2), true);
            return message;
            } else {
            return null;
            } else {
            msgService.pushMessageToClients(message, true);
            return message;

            When the adapter received all the usernames from the playerData-headered messages, it sends back to all clients. So now each client knows who is playing with.

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              Mete Atamel Level 1
              Glad that you got it working.