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    Flash CS4 crash when scrolling




      Today one of our artists started experiencing a crash in Flash CS4 Professional when scrolling the workspace around in one of his .fla files.  All he has to do is hold down the spacebar and scroll around with the mouse; or use the scrollbars to scroll around.  It has crashed about 10 times in the last hour, and we copied the file over to another machine and saw the crash there as well.  We've only seen it occur with one particular file.


      The machines are both Intel Core i7 machines with 8GB of RAM and two different video cards, one running Windows 7 and the other running Vista; and the crashes cause the Adobe "let me report this crash to the mothership" dialog box, so I don't think it's video card driver related; I think it's just a bug in Flash Professional.  We're running version 10.0.2 with no updates available to Flash Professional when choosing "Updates..." from the Help menu.


      Anybody else seen this?  Any workarounds?  Any way to get Adobe to fix it?


      Thanks - BD