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    Scroll bar does not work when creating a datalist


      So I created a very simple vertical scrollbar from 2 stretched rectangles (a thumb and a track). I also grouped a text field and a square together, that would make up the list items.

      Next, I selected the scrollbar and the list item, and created a data list from them. When I tested the project, however, I could move the scrollbar without any problems, but the items in the list did not move. I also tried adding some more items to the list, which didn't help either.

      Then i tried using the component from Flash Catalyst, instead of my "home-made" scrollbar. Making a data list out of this, and testing the project gave the desired result.

      I'd really like to use my own made scrollbar here, and I have the feeling that I missed something completely obvious on the way that I forgot.


      Note: I checked several times if I had forgotton to "edit the parts" of the scrollbar and data list, but I had selected all the parts as required.