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    Navigating Backwards


      I haven't worked with Presenter very much before, so, sorry if this is a basic question. I'm experienced w/Flash and other tools though. Anyway, I'm publishing a number of course modules from PPT/Presenter. I've selected Advance By User in the Presentation Settings and my forward navigation works fine. My slides are a mixture of audio, swf files, text, animations, etc.

      So, at seemingly random points in my exported swf files (exported from PPT/Presenter), I will page forward, forward, and then, for some reason, I am not able to navigate backwards from a specific slide. I've tried re-exporting and it the same strange issue surfaces. This has happened with 3 or 4 other slides in separate presentations and the slides are all very different (one has animation, one has text--they all have integrated audio though).

      Any ideas on this one? I honestly cannot think of what settings would be causing this.