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    How do I get my adobe CS4 installed?


      Ok so here's the problem I bought the student version of adobe cs4 extended. I filled out the form on www.myidentit-e.com/adobe-student-edition. I filled out all the boxes to the best of my ability and the emailed me saying they have my info. So, with that done I took out the c4 disc and put it in my computer. It buzzed and then showed the disc as a Dvd and did not start the setup. So I looked on here for help, it said to click on the main folder in the disc called setup. I did that and I get a text document with a bunch of language written on it that I don't understand (kinda like florum ipsum but not exactly). So how can I set this up or did I just buy a couple discs for two hundred and twenty two bucks for a document with a bunch of weird text on it?


      Please help. I hope I wont have to go crazy and shave my head.