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    How to Invoke HTML BugHunter

      We've RoboHelp X4.1 version Installed. For Context sensitive help testing, we need HTML BugHunter which is a part of RoboHelp package. But we found the HTML BugHuter tool is not along with the product.

      Can anybody tell us how to invoke that tool or is it possible to download?

      Also can anybody give me a Indian customer support number. The banglore support number provided in the site is only
      Development and R&D Division.

      Any help in this issue is highly appreciated
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          RoboColum(n) Level 5
          Hi HTML Bughunter and welcome to the forums. It's been awhile since I used X4 but from what I remember it was an integral part of RH. Have you tried looking for how to enbale it - try entering a keyword of bughunter in the RH help file. Sorry I can't help with a support number in India either. I'd phone the Bangalore number and ask them.