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    Fullscreen Mode shows blank black screen..




      I am panorama photographer and usually show my panos on FPP (Flash panorama player). 

      I want to show .flv movie on inside the panorama but there were some problems with fullscreen

      mode. -> When I click on the panorama fullscreen button, the flash movie turns fullscreen

      instead of the panorama.


      My workaround is laying an iframe (in which the flash movie is inserted) on the <div> layer.

      At first it seemed to be working OK but the problem is that once I click on the "movie" button,

      the panorama's fullscreen mode just show black blank screen. 



      -> "Movie" Button


      You can check my pano at: 



      Try  to see the panorama in fullscreen mode before watching the movie, it will work fine.

      But turning the panorama in fullscreen mode after watching the movie shows just

      blank black screen and I guess this might have something to do with HTML layer

      or iframe?


      Does anybody have a clue what the problem is?


      Thank you in advance!