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    CS5 Capturing Issue with SONY HVR-M15U FW800 and Pre Roll

    AlphaBovine Level 1

      Okay, so I am running with CS5 Premiere on a MacPro4,1 (2.26GHz 8 Core Intel) with the GTX 285 card. I am saving up my money for the AJA cards, but until then I am using my trusty SONY MVR-M15U HDV deck via FireWire 800. It has served me well in Final Cut for the last couple of years, but with Premiere it is like it can't capture anything.


      The issue is that while the deck is getting into position for pre-roll, it is like it can't figure out how to do slow frame advancement and it will constantly try to fast forward into position and by the time the tape stops, it has rolled past the 10, 15 or even 20 second pre-roll position. Then when it tries to back up, it shoots back even further and it goes back and forth like a tennis ball before it gives up.


      With Final Cut I have tested it and it works just fine on a 10, 15 and 20 second pre-roll setting so I am capturing with Final Cut and editing in Premiere, but it would be nice to capture in Premiere as well. :-)


      This is the same on DV or HDV footage so far only on miniDV tapes as I don't have any DVCAM tapes to test with.


      Any ideas?


      - J