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    cfgrid and bind attribute

    kingquattro Level 1
      hey guys I have being trying to use cfgrid to display my information and I have run into several problems I have attached my code.

      here my get2 function needs some arguments to query the data. The way I am calling my get function right now it does not work. I get an error that library or any of the other variables that I am passing to get can't be found.

      Secondly for my column Seq. Name I need each cell value to be a link to another page. But I need my link to contain the sequenceId (i.e: my link should look like this. <a href="/path/to/page.cfm?sequenceId=#id#>name</a>). How do I accomplish this task in cfgrid.

      Thirdly my last two column Percent Positve and Percent Identity are calculated values. (i.e: positive/hspAlignlen*100). I know I can do this while I query by data from db but I was wondering if I can do so in while displaying it. If so how can I do that.

      Please help. I have been breaking my head against this issue for two days, and Google hasn't been much of any help. I am a newbee at cfgrid. I just use to use tables upto now, but now I want to use as many native cf tags as I can and give my app a richer professional look.

      I am using following link for my reference for what I have done so far.

      Thanks everyone.