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    Relative paths for Go to URL?

    CrazyMerlin Level 1

      I'm building a toolbar as part of a larger application and would like to wire up the buttons to relative URLs. Is this possible?

      When I add an interaction and put "/admin/categories" for instance, the URL is converted to http:///admin/categories. Is there a way to stop this or will I need to do so in FB?



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          Bear Travis Adobe Employee

          Hi there,


          This would have to be done in FB, but it's a simple fix. Just add the interaction in Catalyst, and remove the http prefix in Builder.



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            You make it sound like a simple fix, but in reality, once you open your file in Flash Builder, you can no longer bring it back into Flash Catalyst without receving the "FXP file cannot be opened by FC" message. This severely hinders the ability to go back and forth between the designing and programming phase.


            I'm not sure why Relative URLs in Flash Catalysts were not considered in the first place. I suppose it tries and makes it easy for none coders in attempting to auto-correct the URL by automatically placing http:// in. In reality though, there's a lot of other factors it neglects as well. For example, secure URLs (ie. https://). It's very misleading in the fact that it allows you to correct the URL like you want, but in actuality it does not.


            The fact that you cannot edit directly in Code View is also puzzling.


            Hopefully quarks like this are corrected in an update soon.