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    Fireworks Rollovers in CS5


      I'm trying to build a new template in Dreamweaver. I designed a Nav bar in PS, and created the rollover functionality in FW (tho that was a whole 'nother can of beans, check out my thread in the PS for Mac thread...) and the HTML files created by FW work great when I open them in a browser, or even in DW itself. But then when I use the Insert>Image Objects>Fireworks HTML file to place the nav bar into my template, I lose the rollover functionality. The graphic loads nicely, but the rollover behaviors, and even the links themselves, no longer work. Any ideas? Am I doing something wrong?

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          MurraySummers Level 8

          In general using FW to write your HTML under any circumstances is a big mistake.  Just because it *can* write HTML is not a good reason to use it!


          If you want image-based rollovers, you are much better off doing them as simply as possible in DW.


          To know why your rollovers are not working, we'd need to see your page.  Can you post a link to it?



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            enjay43 Level 1

            Thanks for the input! I had read similar things about the HTML generated by FW. Thing is, the HTML itself seems to be fine: any browser renders it well, and even if I use Dreamweaver to render and save the same HTML document it works fine. The problem comes when I use the cross-product import function in DW. Then whatever FW did seems to get broken.

            I would like to put the files somewhere, so that you guys could see them. Thing is I'd rather not put them on the actual server et, so do can you think of anywhere I can put them temporarily?

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              MurraySummers Level 8

              Put them on the actual server and remove them later.  Post a link to the file.  It'll be fine.



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                enjay43 Level 1

                Okay I finally got the server set up in a way that I could host the files.

                The one that is broker, upon whic my home page is based is located here: http://bit.ly/cjx4eL

                The one that works, which is just the html written by FW, untouched by DW is located here: http://bit.ly/c86OlM


                Take a look, and let me know what you think.