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    retrieving data from JSP using FDS in java

      Hi All,

      First I am novice to flex and FDS. Just today I created one application based on using Flex with JSP chapter. What I did in my application is
      1. I created two java classes in that one is Value Object / Bean.The purpose of second java class is it get data from db and store that data in bean / value object,.

      2. In the .jsp what I did is I created one form and one button getdata.

      If user clicks get data button it calls the .java class , this java class returns the bean, using jsp expressions I am displaying the data in .jsp .Upto this I didn't face any problem.

      Now my problem is I added one more button Update . Suppose if user chaged the data what it got from db and clicks on update button it has to update the db. Here my problem is how can I get the changed data in .java class.
      In general I mean without using flex is we can get this by using request.getParameter("control name").

      Is there any commond similar to above one. How can I get data in .jsp in .java class.( I am using FDS)

      Anybody suggests me to solve this issue. I will be greatful to them.

      Thanks & Regards,
      Siva Kumar