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    Handler Error

      Hello, I was hoping someone could help me. I have a scene set up with Collision Modifiers, when the character that I control walks into another object it is supposed to change frame. It does that BUT it also looks for a model in the next frame called Character - this doesnt exist as only one frame contains a w3d file.

      This is the error message I get...
      Handler not found in object. spriteme.....
      // it then lists the model name and the command to translate it. (caused by my arrow key press)

      It seems to be passing commands from one frame to the next - what is causing it and how do I stop it? Thanks in advance...
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          James Newton, ACP Level 3
          The collision callback handler is called between exitFrame on frame n and stepFrame on frame n+1. In other words, collision detection takes place before any other action on a given frame.


          When you use the go command to make the playback head jump to a different frame, the collision callback handler is called twice: once before stepFrame and once before enterFrame. If you are using a 'go the frame" loop, you will get two collision callbacks on every frame.

          Your solution may be to clear the collision callback before jumping to a different frame.

          If you are using the collision callback itself to trigger the jump to the new frame then you might like to rethink this. One approach would be to set flag in the collision callback handler, and to test on exitFrame if that handler has been set. If the handler is set, the exitFrame handler would clean up the 3D world then jump to the new frame.
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            mbrown174 Level 1
            Hello Thanks for the help. I found a way around the problem - by using the resetworld command whenever my movie jumps frames. Thanks again