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    Compile error on Hbox

      I'm new to Flex, so I'm probably doing something dumb, but hopefully another pair of eyes will help.

      I have some simple code from a tutorial I'm doing. But I'm getting a compiler error on the Hbox statement. The error is - Could not resolve <mx:Hbox> to a component implementation.

      I've searched for what this means but couldn't find anything.

      As a second question, in an IDE, I'm used to being able to highlight the error in the ide and hitting F1 for help on the error, but that doesn't seem to work. Is there a way to get context sensitive help in Flex Builder 2?

      <mx:Panel width="300" height="300" layout="vertical" title="{yourName}" paddingBottom = "10" paddingLeft="10" paddingRight = "10" paddingTop="10">
      <mx:TextArea id="taHome" fontSize = "{fontSize}" width="100%" height="100%" text = "Hi, welcome to {yourName} website" color="{myCP.selectedColor}" />
      <mx:Button label = "+" click="{increaseText()}"/>
      <mx:Button label = "-" click="{decreaseText()}"/>
      <mx:Label text="Choose a color"/>
      <mx:ColorPicker id = "myCP"/>