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    Application Manager


      I have installed Flash Builder in two machines, and in one of the machines, i get this error while opening the 'trial version' of Flash Builder


      it reads:


      Adobe Application Manager is needed to start your trial.


      Adobe Application Manager is required to resolve this problem. However, it is missing or damaged.

      Download a new copy from www.adobe.com or install the application again.



      I dont see any place where i can download "Adobe Application Manager" from adobe.com

      How to fix this?

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          I also have this problem... I installed Photoshop Extended trial onto my computer, attempt to run it and thats the error i get. I perso

          nally dont understand the purpose of it but theres not much i can do about it.



          to show how to fix it. However all i see is


          The AAM patch installs the correct version of the Adobe Application Manager. Select the patch from your operating system below:

          • Windows
          • Mac
            AAM_1.0_mul.dmg "

          And its NEVER seen again on the way to fix it, nor is a way to download/find/locate either one of those files. I have windows, and downloaded adobe photoshop for windows so i didn't look for a .dmg file. But i did look for the AAM.exe file (no luck what so ever). Perhaps a link should be given to download the Application Manager seperately rather than a clean download/install? Not all of us have very fast internet connections. my download took literally-all day. Try 1-2mb fix for it. -_-


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            Same problem here!  Anyone....?? anyone...??...Adobe...???

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              i think your install was made with adobe application manager, this is an free packaging utility from adobe that can be used to create silent installations, it's included in CS5 that i purchased last week.

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                killa will 313

                i just ran into this problem myself. i downloaded that big stupid 78 or so meg adobe update,.. then it says that crap about needing the app thingy. then the pages about it dont link you to the patch and the patch doesnt seem to be on the internet anywhere. WHY ADOBE WHY?? this is retarded try alittle harder thanks -killa will...       ps i have mac with snow leopard if anyone has an solution to this issue