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    simple flv playback problem

    Joe Rodgers Level 1

      ...Im hoping anyway.


      I was given a fla file to replace images and buttons in, and it already had all of the elements included to play an flv on site.


      I finished my job and I didnt touch anything other than the slideshow and buttons (I know NOTHING about video in flash), but the person in charge of the project accidentally overwrote "one or more files on the server."  So, when I handed over the final project, and it was deployed to the server, no video appeared.


      He has since aquired the flv video replacement and we tried to deploy...it didnt work.


      My question is - provided the code below (which I am assuming is what is supposed to activate and control the video), should my only task be to change the name of the flv file to "userData" ? ?


      And do both of these work by simply putting them in the same folder on the server?


      If not,




      Thank you in advance.




      // checks for existing shared object  stop();  function checkSO():Void{      mySharedObject = SharedObject.getLocal("userData");      // if date variable is there check it      if (mySharedObject.data.date != null) {           //statusTxt.text = "found shared object";           // read date           var storedDate:Date = new Date();           storedDate = mySharedObject.data.date;                      //statusTxt.text += "\n"+storedDate;                      // set stored time           var storedTime:Number = storedDate.getTime()           //trace(storedTime);                      // set the time now           var dateNow:Date = new Date();           var nowTime:Number = dateNow.getTime();           //trace(nowTime);                      // calculate time difference           var hoursDiff:Number = (nowTime - storedTime)/(1000*60*60);           //var minutesDiff:Number = ((nowTime - storedTime)%1000*60*60)/(1000*60);           //trace(hoursDiff);                      if(hoursDiff >= 24){                //statusTxt.text += "\ngreater than 24 hours playing video";                                // show video again                _root.gotoAndPlay("start");           }           else{                //statusTxt.text += "\nless than 24 hours not showing video";                                // less than 24 hours dont show video                _root.gotoAndPlay("end");           }      }       else {           //statusTxt.text="Playing not object found";           // comment this line out below to wait for user to press play           _root.gotoAndPlay("start");      }    checkSO();