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    Compare two audio files

    athiroy Level 1

      i have devloped one web application in Flash Builder 4.
      i have recorded the user voice  using fms 3.
      Already i have one sample voice for pronunciation.
      i want to compare the sample voice and user input voice.
      i know it's possible in flex
      but i don't know how i do.
      pls anybody  give some ideas

      thanks in advance


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          You should probably use some signal processing actionscript library with cross-correlation feature (have no idea if such exists). Try googling on this. You can find more information about the basics of signal correlation in wikipedia.

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            athiroy Level 1


            thanks for ur reply.

            But i am new in flex

            so could help me how do this .



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              MikisMM Level 2

              I'm afraid I can't tell you much more than I have just did. I only have a bit of experience in this field with MatLab but thats about it. This is what I was able to find within a few minutes on Google:

              DAFT.as - The DSP Audio Toolkit for Flash.  The DATF is a wrapper class that  provides simple interfacing with C/C++ DSP functions via Adobe Alchemy.

              ALF.as - The Audio processing Library for Flash.  ALF plays an audio file (MP3 or  wav) using the dynamic audio functionality of Actionscript3 and  provides methods for obtaining audio features and manipulating the audio  output stream on a frame by frame basis.

              as3mathlib - The Flex/Actionscript Math Library (as3mathlib) is intended to provide a  rudimentary numerical analysis toolkit for the Actionscript/Flex  programming environment.

              My best bet would be DAFT.as. Other than that, I can't tell you anything more. You should really get some knowledge about audio (and signals in general) processing in the internet or some technical or university library. Your problem relates mostly to signal processing tasks (which is mostly mathematics) rather than Flex or Actionscript.

              Hope those libraries will be of some use.


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