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    Had to create a new account to upgrade, now "document is licensed for a different user account"

    Neville Duguid

      I don't know why I had to upgrade, but when I tried to use Digital Editions 1.7.1 it said I had 44 days left to upgrade.

      During the install it asked me for an Adobe login.

      It did not recognize my present or former  email address, but gave me the option of starting a new adobe account.

      After doing that, I finally got DE 1.7.2 installed and authorized by opting to limit it to one computer only - the same one it has always been on.

      Now it won't open my eBook document, claiming it is "licensed for a different user account"

      (I proceeded cautiously and only after exhausting all other options did I open the new Adobe account)

      Finally I deleted the upgrade and restored the older version from backup. That one now gives me the same message, even after a restart.

      (When I started the new Adobe account it recognized my address and listed it alongside an exact copy, asking

      me to verify and choose the correct one. I chose what appeared to be the original Adobe had on file, thinking it would reinstate my original

      account). The end result is that I can no longer access the ebooks I purchased.

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          Jim Lester Level 4

          I'd suggest you open up a tech support case (go to http://www.adobe.com/support/digitaleditions and click on 'Submit a web case')

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            Neville Duguid Level 1

            Opening the WebCase turned out to be good advice (I think), although I can't be sure to what extent it was responsible for what happened. I received a form-type letter from Adobe by email. It contained instructions which I was unable to comply with fully in the order presented, but I carried out those steps which were possible, de-authorizing with Cmd-Shift-D the old version of Digital Editions (which I had previously restored without solving the problem). I then opted to Upgrade once more next time I started DE. (under Macintosh OS X 10.4 BTW). Everything went smoothly. It didn't ask for my AdobeID nor require that I authorize the newly installed version manually this time. (On my first attempt it had left me with no option but to start a new AdobeID since the online component refused to recognize my email address. The new (and apparently different) ID is what made it incompatible with my ebooks).


            I do know by now that my original problem was caused by not knowing the original AdobeID (if indeed I was ever issued with one). I still can't find it, but at least I am no worse off than I was before upgrading. I am not sure if my new AdobeID will work if I ever try to upgrade again, but at least I now know what the problem is and how to fix it if it doesn't.


            My advice to others experiencing similar problems: Remain positive. Don't give up. There is good relevant advice in thread "Error: document licensed for a different user account" (IIRC). Start your own Web Case if you reach a dead end.