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    onload preload images problems

      Hi, any help appreciated, had very good responses in the past.

      I am using (body onLoad="MM_preloadImages.........) to preload rollover images once the initial page is loaded. most of the site is in flash, so this method was employed so that the flash file was not huge with all embedded images. i am doing this for most of my images, as the user could navigate to any of them quickly from the front page. i have found that it is quite possible to navigate to a page before all the images have preloaded, so that the user then tries to put the mouse over an image and it waits a looong time to show that image. it seems that it is trying to finish the entire preload of all the images before it shows me this one.

      is there a way to interupt the mm_preload process so that the browser will just download the image it needs right now, then get back to preloading the others?

      i think there are other methods of preloading in html, or perhaps i need to do something on the flash side?
      thanks for any help.