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    Binding not working for Property func set/get but working for instance var

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      I am a bit messed up. I have this class (showing just important part):


           public class FormValidator extends EventDispatcher
                public var formIsValid:Boolean = false;
                public var validators:Array;
                public function FormValidator(target:IEventDispatcher=null)
                public function get valid() : Boolean
                     return formIsValid;
                public function set valid(val:Boolean) : void


      then in my mxml I have a button that changes its enable propety based on the valid property. Well the binding works if I make the enable property bind directly to "formIsValid" and doesn't work if I bidn directlyh to the property "valid", I mean:


      <mx:button enabled="{formValidator.formIsValid}" /> Works

      <mx:button enalbed="{formValidator.valid}" /> Doesn't work.


      I have been reading thte docs at adobe site abount binding but it seems I'm not doing anything special. Could anybody give any tip?


      Thanks in advance,