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    Exporting from Fireworks to Dreamweaver


      Hey guys/gals I have a problem. I have posted two previous posts, and got some really helpful answers. I am basically done with my website (I just need to make text boxes editable, put some more links) and that is it. By the looks of it, all of this can be done in dreamweaver.


      I have exported all of my work from FW to DW using html and images and exported all of my slices. However, I am unable to edit anything in DW.


      Is there a better and easier way of exporting from FW to DW? Can anyone give me any tips as how to do this and get my website up and running live on the internet? (I have a hosting company already with a temporary design which I don't like, which is why I am creating my own website)


      Thanks in advance to those that help.