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    Removing yellow rectangle from focused objects in Tabbed Panels in CS5


      Can anyone help me please? I am new to Dreamweaver so still getting to grips with it. I have managed to solve all the other problmes I have encountered, but this one is doing my head in. How can I remove the yellow focus rectangle when using the Spry Tabbed Panels? I know it has something to do with the FocusRect=False; command, but I can not figure out what the tabs are called using the built in Spry tabbed panels in order to set the nameoftab.FocusRect=False; When the page loads, at first it has no yellow rectangle round any tab, it is only once selected that it appears! Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am not very familiar with Java, but I am assuming it goes somewhere in the SpryTabbedPanels.js file??? Many Thanks