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    CF8: Working with .NET session states

      Basically here's the situation. There is already a ASP.NET web application developed which let's say is untouchable since it is predeveloped, being used and has certain module attached. Otherwise I would create a CF version of the app.

      I would like to use some of it's functionality for my project. I am using CFHTTP to access the form part of the application. I copied the form fields and the various VIEWSTATES, EVENTSTATES used for the CFHTTP to mimic the user. The .NET datagrid presentation works well (sorting, next page, etc) however the part which I have problem is when it accesses the .NET session to display the detail information of the datagrid cell.

      Supposedly the session information ID is stored in as a cookie (ASP.NET_SessionId) and when I pass the cookie information back to the .NET datagrid, it stopped sending the Set-Cookie request so I am assuming the session is valid and .NET is using it.

      However when I am using an IE cookie viewer to see what is being passed but I don't see the ASP.NET_SessionId information being stored as a cookie. Is it some weird variable which can't be seen in IE? Is there other hidden variables controling .NET
      sessions. This is driving me bonkers because when I try to finally access the session from the ASP.NET application it doesn't work.

      Have anyone tried this? Any pointers or where to go to find more information would be appreciated.