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    Quickest & Easiest Way To Create & Publish website using Illustrator Designs?


      HI there


      I am a newbie & more conversant in premier pro than webiste development, however I though I would give it a go. I have watched that many Lynda.com video's I think I have confused myself!

      I have created all of the pages I need for my website in Adobe Illustrator & saved them as illustrator documents & HTML also.

      I have tried just using a blank page HTML with no columns & liquid centre, however whenever I look at the view my design is only showing up to the left hand side of the screen, not centred at all. Am I meant to put it into a container, or a box around it so it will expand with different browser sizes

      I am concerned that perhaps the design itself is too fixed, ie 856 x 554 & that is the problem?

      I, ridiculously, have a friday deadline with this & I am feeling fairly pathetic given I am stuck on the 1st step!(Wel not quite, I managed the design & vid editing!)