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    Who can help - several problems with HDV editing in Premier Elem. 8

    Ulf Olsen

      For several years I have edited DV video with Ad. Prem. Elem. 3.0 without serious problems. Now I'm also shooting HDV video and have bought and installed Ad. Prem. Elem. 8 (PE8). To try out PE8 I have started up two projects, but only to be met with several very serious problems. Before buying PE8 I tried a 30 days version of Ad. Prem. Pro on the same PC without problems.


      My PC (from march 2010) is as follows:

      Operating system                   Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit  (PE8 update is also installed)

      Processor                              Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-930  4x2.8GHz 4.8 GT/s (Gigabyte GA-EX58A-UD3R)

      Ram                                      DDR-3-1333 12GB (Kingston)

      Graphic card                         ATI HD 5870 1GB DDR5 PCI-5 (AMD)

      Harddisc for opr. system  C:   Intel X25-M SSDSA2M080G2GN  80GB

      Harddisc for photo 1.5TB D:  HDS 1500GB SATAII ST31500341 AS (Seragate)

      Harddisc for video 1.5TB E:   HDS 1500GB SATAII ST31500341 AS (Seragate)

      Disc drive                             Plextor BD-R PX-B940SA SATA

      Disc drive                             Samsung DVDWBD SH-B083L

      Software installed                  C:  Office pro/Ad. reader/RegistryBooster/Syst.Tweaker/Canon camera and

                                                   printer software/Q.TimePlayer/AVG free (anti virus)

                                                   D:  ACDSee Pro3/Photosh.Lightroom 2.7/Photosh.Elem. 8.0

                                                   E:  PE8

      Video cameras                       Sony HVR-Z5P (HDV 1080i) / Sony DCR-TVR 10E Pal (DV)


      PROB. 1:  When capturing HDV there is no picture in the Capt. Window and no sound. The window is plain black surrounded with a thin red line, which together with a red dot in the windows upper left corner indicates, that the capture should be taking place. But to the right after the text "Capture:", "Video" and "Audio" with there checkmarks, are only half lighted (not active). Only on the camera screen can I follow, what should be captured. With the mentioned indications, capture sometimes takes place, and sometimes not. This is first to see, when capturing is stopped.Very irritating and time wasting, as many of my clips has a length up to one hour (live music scenes). The Device Control in the Capt. Window is working o.k.. When capturing DV, everything is working all right from both the HDV and the DV camera.


      PROB. 2:  When capturing, "drop-outs", not existing on the tape, but generated in the capt. process, can occur - probably because some other small process takes place on the PC. F.ex. if one is looking around in PE8's Preferences Menu.


      PROB. 3:  The worst thing concerning these "drop-outs" + those eventual existing ones from the tape, is, that after a drop-out the picture/sound no longer are synchronized. From the drop-out and to the end of the clip, the sound is 11-12 frames behind the picture.


      PROB. 4:   When editing/looking at a film in the Monitor Panel, the picture is not very fluent. It is hacking a bit, which makes it very difficult to adjust the lost synchronization (see prob. 3), which I did by moving just the Sound Bar 11 frames in the Timeline, precise from the spot the drop-out had been before it was cut out.


      PROB. 5:  When HDV is played back in the Monitor Panel, the sound is not to be heard the last 10-11 sec. of the last captured clip, although the sound signals are easily seen in the Timeline. After a restart of PE8, it is o.k.


      PROB. 6:  When HDV is played back in the Monitor Panel, it happens, that it suddenly stops unprovoked (none else activity has been done, just looking at the Monitor Panel).


      PROB. 7:  After having just done a few cuts + adding a bit of text + working with the synchronization (see prob. 4) in the two mentioned HDV projects, I burned a Blue-ray disc (BD-RE) of project I, and after adjusting a bit more on the synchronization, I burned one more, both without problems. Then I tried to burn HDV project II, but now the burning window showed several empty little windows (only Rescan/Copies/Status/Quality had text) - the text in "Status" was: "Invalid disc name". That happens both with and without a disc in the drive. Whit a disc in the drive, I tried to Rescan, but each time only to get a warning window saying:"[..\Src\DVD\MPEGEncoder.cpp-121]". By doing anything with "Quality", the same warning turns up. When "Continue" in the warning window is activated, PE8 goes down. I then tried to burn project I again, but although I succeeded burning 2 disces of that earlier, no success - same problem. And again the same with a new third little HDV project, I had made. If I choose to burn a DVD instead of a Blue-ray disc, everything works well.


      PROB. 8:  I'm now so frustrated, that I nearly see no other possibility than to give up, and feel depressed over wasted good money + not getting my projects done. But I still have a little hope, that someone out there are able to help me out - and if you try, please don't write in an all too complicated way, as English is not my language (Danish it is). Just to illustrate my difficulties, it took me nearly 8 hours to put this rapport together.


      Ulf Olsen, Denmark  -  mail. ulf.olsen@mail.dk  -  tlf. +45 4678 8807 / +45 40 555 888


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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          It's very difficult to answer several questions at once on a forum, Ulf. Is there any chance you could ask just one at a time?


          As for your installation -- from your notes, it looks like you may have installed Premiere Elements on your E drive. If this is the case, it will not work. You must install the program on your C drive.


          Also, if you can not see video of your capture, it is likely related to an out-of-date video driver. Have you gone to the ATI web site and downloaded the latest driver for your card?


          If that doesn't work, you can always capture your HDV footage with HDVSplit, which is available here:



          Also, be sure to go to the Premiere Elements Help menu and select Check for Updates. This will ensure you have the latest patch for the program, which resolves many of the challenges you're experiencing.


          Finally, have you ensured that your video project is using the HDV project preset? One of the most important steps you can take in working with this program is to ensure that your project preset matches your source footage.

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            These are just general tips for both Capture and for editing:


            1.) Insure that all other programs are OFF, or are not loaded. This includes Windows Indexing, AV/spysweeping/pop-up blocking software, all hibernation/energy saving settings and screen-savers. I also recommend looking for tips in this ARTICLE.


            2.) Insure that there is no other FW device on that IEEE-1394a chip, and obviously no daisy-chaining


            I assume that you have already shut down unnecessary programs, and that you have no other IEEE-1394a device plugged in. Note: many MoBo's might have multiple connectors, but they all feed through only one chip. Add-on cards, might also have multiple connections, but still only one chip. This requires a bit of research to determine the number of chips and how they are allocated per connection.


            Good luck,