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    Embedd SWF into Flex

    daslicht Level 2



      I am trying to load a coolaris Gallery into a Flex Application (it's a SWF).


      Now I have to fit its dimensions into my container.



      My first approach was to simply set the SWFLoaders dimensions, but that only scales the content (it is being zoomed)


      I want that the spaces are getting smaller and the appereance is not zoomed (is kept), like its done if you embedd it into html.


      The properties maintainAspectRation or scaleContent did not work either how expected.


      Any idea for that ?



      Second Question is how could I make the fullscreen modus work from the embeded swf ?


      When I now enter Full-screen Modus, my main application is going top full screen and not the embedded swf.


      Idea ?