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    [JS,AS] Can I have an InDesign/InCopy script run a system script?

    richardh6 Level 1

      I would like to be able to allow my InCopy users to run a script which will create an InDesign document on the fly, the stories of which they can then edit in InCopy.


      To do this, I imagine I'll have to have a copy of InDesign running on our server, and have that copy of InDesign execute the document-generating script.


      So my question is, can I have an InCopy script call an Applescript in the operating system (we work on Macs) which will read something like "tell the copy of InDesign running on the server to run script x," where script x creates the new document?


      (I'm not terribly familiar with Applescript, but I imagine such a thing  would be pretty easy to do, if it's possible at all).


      An added bonus would be if the called scripts in the OS and InDesign could pass messages back along the chain to let the calling InCopy script know when they were finished, so that the InCopy script could then open the new document for the user.