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    Print Server Provider




      I'm at a dead-end and need some help.


      I am a member of the Adobe Print Server Provider Programme and I purchased CS4 at the end of last year.  At the start of the year Adobe decided to discontinue the programme but stated that members should continue to use their software as before.  A month ago i updated Indesign but was asked for the serial number when restarting the application.  I logged into my Adobe account to retrieve it but found that all my purchase history had disappeared and i didn't have a note of the serial number.


      I contacted Adobe Europartner (who helped me through the initial signing-up stage) and they informed me that they aren't able to deal with my problem and pointed me in the direction of the Adobe Customer Service department.  I have phoned on numerous occasions in the past month, leaving my office telephone number, opening times, email address, even my mobile phone number and i haven't heard anything back.


      Does anyone have a direct number i can call to try resolve my problem, or even an email address?  PLEASE - I don't have much hair left after pulling most of it out!