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    Zooming the drawingarea

    Sven Aronsson

      Since at least cs3, Illustrator, InDesign & Photoshop has all had the Alt + mouse wheel zoom function. I have wondered when this would become available in flash. I just installed my cs5 design premium and immediately noticed that the zooming function has been further improved in the other programs but still nothing has happened in flash.


      Am I missing some way to enable this zoom function or is there some third party plugin that can help me? It is annoying and time consuming to have to press z then click around to get the right zoom level and then click whatever tool I was using before instead of just pressing alt and scrolling a bit.


      I would really be happy if there is a fix for this. If not I propose that the next update to flash incorporates this functionality.



      oh, and I apologize if this question is answered somewhere else on the forum, I searched and couldn't find it. (Flash plus zoom as search criteria just produced a lot of programming questions)