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    PNG Transparency Fix for IE6

    johngordon12 Level 1

      Hope somone can help with this. Basically I have a PNG image with a transparancy to sit over a gradient background, like this :




      The little graphics next to campaign metrics are OK, but the main header image they sit in with the light blue gradient and hand graphic etc is not - the little areas around the curved corners should be transparent but are not (in IE6).


      I assume this is because that is a background image for the <div> being referenced in the CSS, rather than dropped into the page directly.


      So I guess my question is can this be overcome?



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          bemdesign Level 4

          IE 6 doesn't support transparent PNGs natively. You will either have to resort to Javascript hacks to force IE 6 to render it correctly (although these do not work for repeated background images in CSS), use a lowest common denominator image format (GIF), or use conditional commenting to give IE 6 it's own stylesheet with it's own image to get something somewhat like what the other browsers will see.


          Or just not worry what IE 6 sees as long as your site content is accessible and usable.

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            johngordon12 Level 1

            Cheers for that.


            I'm already using the fix for IE6 - it just doesn't seem to fix it for images in the CSS.


            But reading that, I think the easiest solution will be to use an image without the rounded corners for IE6.