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    Effect Controls - sluggish

    EdBoyes Level 1

      (Newbie).  I was just starting to get to know CS4 when I bought CS5, but I notice with my CS5 that adjusting things in Effect Controls is very sluggish.  If I click on the "100" of brightness (say) and drag left or right, I have to move the mouse about 6" before anything happens.  There seems to be some sort of backlash or hysteresis there which wasn't there with my CS4.


      My system is: PC, i7, 12Gb, 2 Tb Raid0, 64 bit Windows 7 Ultimate.  Could it be that my graphics card is only a GTS250 (1Gb) and I need to invest in a GTX285, or have I got some setting wrong?


      Thanks - Eddie