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    Audio Problems with Air 2.0.2 in Linux


      We're seeing an issue which appears to be a bug in the Air 2.0.2 runtime for Linux.  When a video file plays [via VideoDisplay] the audio is heard but as soon as the video is finished, audio cuts out for the entire application.  We ran strace() and noticed Air opens the audio connection at the start of playback and closes it at the end, but will not re-engage audio for any other reason while the application is running.  This includes running different videos or even just playing sound effects.


      Has anyone seen this behavior where when a video is complete, the audio stops all together for the application?  We did not have this problem before Air or in Air 1.5, so I suspect this is a bug in the Air 2.0.2 runtime for Linux.

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          I also tried playing 2 videos via VideoDisplay one after the other using the following code:





          id="video1" source="/assets/videos/vid1.flv" autoPlay="true" width="400" height="400" x="50" y="20" complete="video2.play()"/>



          id="video2" source="/assets/videos/t.mov" autoPlay="false" width="400" height="400" x="550" y="20"/>


          For me, the audio plays fine for the both the videos on Ubuntu 9.10.


          Could you please provide the following information:

          1) The Linux distro you are on.

          2) The sound mixer you are using and its version(ALSA/pulseaudio).

          3) It would be really helpful if you could provide your application/part of source code where you are playing the videos.