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    Some browsers treating .air as an archive?




      A while back I developed an AIR application (AIR 1.5) for a client, including the install badge for their web page.  It's worked perfectly until just recently.


      The issue that a few people have begun experiencing is that when the click on the install badge, the badge shows the message "Download and open the AIR file to begin installation" at which point they are normally shown the AIR "Application Install" popup, but instead nothing happens.


      In all of these cases I've been assured that the user had installed the latest version of AIR.  I've tried to replicate the problem on several different computers with different OSs and versions of AIR installed, and have not been able to replicate the issue.  But I was able to communicate directly with a user who is experiencing the problem.


      I emailed them the URL to the .air file on the server, so that they might try downloading and installing the application directly.  I thought that we could include a link on the install page so that if the badge fails they can fall back to installing it manually.  I also attached a copy of the .air file to the email in case that failed.


      And fail it did.  It caused a different, but I think related error:  Their browser downloaded the .air file as an archive and unzipped it for them.  It seems like their browser is incorrectly determining what to do with an .air file extension and it treats it like an archive file.. which I suppose it technically is.  I suspect that this behaviour is also what's breaking the install badge.


      They were able to install the application using the attached .air file, so it seems their OS at least knows what to do with an .air file.


      Has anyone else encountered this issue?  If you have, do you know of a way to correct it?


      Here is the specifications of the machine that is having the problem:


      OS:  Windows XP, SP3

      Browser:  Internet Explorer 8, 8.0.6002.28702



      Thank you.


      Andrew  Murphy

      Interactive Media Developer

      W www.delvinia.com