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    5.01 patch -- audio breakup, slow launch and performance

    Sengstack Level 1

      I installed the 5.01 patch and regretted it the moment I attempted to restart P Pro CS5.


      The start-up hung-up. I got an error message noting the failure to start. Then, P Pro started with no additional intervention from me.


      I closed it and re-started it to see what would happen. It hung briefly when loading QuickTime related files but did finally start. However, performance has dropped markedly.


      Now there is a significant delay between pressing the spacebar and having the timeline start to play. And the audio breaks up and then stops altogether.


      I have uninstalled P Pro CS5 and will re-install the 5.0 version.


      The thing is, I opted for the 5.01 update because 5.0 crashed when I CTRL+clicked on a clip in the timeline. We'll see.


      Jeff Sengstack