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    Breadcrumbs problem

    ChrisWilber11 Level 1

      In my table of contents i have 7 different books and under them i have each topic, and 2 additional books labeled for List of Tables and List of Figures. Every topic that has one of the tables or figures also in the tables/figures book doesn't have the breadcrumbs and Internet Explorer gives Error: Expected ")". I understand its becuase each table and figure comes with its own breadcrumbs becuase it is listed in the table of contents and is also embedded within topics also listed in the table of contents. The breadcrumbs come back for each page when i delete or conditional tag the List of Tables and List of Figures. Is there a way to have those in the table of contents still and the breadcrumbs. Like can i remove the breadcrumbs from certain books or topics?

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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Hi there


          If you are using RoboHelp 8 you are able to become granular with breadcrumbs. You have two ways of operating. You may create a Master Page and insert a Breadcrumb Placeholder, then associate the Master Page with as many topics as you like. You may also enable Globabl breadcrumbs that are assigned at the time you compile or generate. Global breadcrumbs are assigned to each topic as it is generated.


          My guess is that you need to forego the Global breadcrumbs and opt instead for the Breadcrumb Placeholders and assign to desired topics.


          If by chance you are using RoboHelp 7 and not 8, you may still achieve this by generating two different times. Once with Breadcrumbs enabled and once without. Then selectively copy the topics where you desire no breadcrumbs from the generated version with no breadcrumbs and replace the existing topics that sport breadcrumbs.


          This may sound pretty convoluted, but it's not all that bad. Just requires some clear thought.


          Cheers... Rick



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