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    XMLSocket in AS3

      poor old lowmoose here is having problems with XLMSocket() in AS3:


      me too, i've got very similar problems and reading about the trouble lowmoose had i'm wondering: is XMLSocket in AS3 a bit broken? AS3 is reasonably new and i can't imagine many people will have had experience of using XMLSocket yet so its not out of the question that it might have a few bugs that havenn't been discovered yet.

      without going into tremedous detail an application that was sending and receiving multiple asynchonous data thru an xmlsocket in AS2 was working fine. the same app, same code, but in AS3 is not working fine.

      can i please ask these two questions

      AS3 users: have you had similar problems with XMLSocket in AS3 and if so can you please tell us about them?; and

      AS3 developers: are there known issues with XMLSocket in AS3 and if so could you share them with us please?

      because i need to decide very quickly about whether i should rollback to AS2 or not.....

      thank you! :)