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    Why won't rich symbol properties show when the .jsf file exists?


      In FW CS4 I've created a rich symbol via the "create symbol script" command, then I reloaded my common library, and put the symbol from common librray on a page.  Even though I have a .jsf file in C:\Documents and Settings\<user>Application Data\Adobe\Fireworks CS4\Common Library\Custom Symbols to match my symbol, there are no symbol properties available for it on my page.


      I can use the create symbol script command again on this symbol & it comes up with the same properties I had already defined.


      What would stop symbol properties from showing up when the symbol is taken from a recently reloaded Common Library & placed on a page?


      I've discovered that I can see the properties when I use this symbol in a totally brand new Fireworks file, but I can't in an existing file that ever had that same symbol before, even when I tell FW to "Replace the existing item."


      Below is my jsf file contents.








      function setDefaultValues()
          var values = new Array();


          values.push({ name:"Title", type:"text", value:"Title" });
          values.push({ name:"Active window?", type:"boolean", value:"true" });
          values.push({ name:"Min btn visible (not modal)?", type:"boolean", value:"true" });
          values.push({ name:"Max btn visible (not Modal)?", type:"boolean", value:"true" });
          values.push({ name:"fillColor", type:"color", value:"#ffffff" });


          Widget.elem.customData["currentValues"] = values;


      function applyCurrentValues()
          var values = Widget.elem.customData["currentValues"];


          Widget.GetObjectByName("title").textChars = values[0].value;
          Widget.GetObjectByName("outline").visible = values[1].value;
          Widget.GetObjectByName("win_min_btn").visible = values[2].value;
          Widget.GetObjectByName("win_max_btn").visible = values[3].value;
          Widget.GetObjectByName("background").pathAttributes.fillColor = values[4].value;


      switch (Widget.opCode)
          case 1: setDefaultValues();   break;
          case 2: applyCurrentValues(); break;


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