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    Printed Output Doesn't Work in Vista

    JaredHess Level 1
      Using RH6 and Vista, I have a .chm file that was localized into German which I imported into RH6 hoping to generate a printable manual from the .chm file. All the topics appear in order in the project. When I select the Printed Documentation layout, I can go through the screens to define what topics will be exported as print etc, however nothing happens when I click Finish. I remember in RH 5 that a dialog used to pop up and start churching away in RH 5. But nothing happens in RH6. I initially thought it was my project's size since my project is huge (some 3000+ topics with lots of images), but I have a fairly new computer with lots of RAM / dual processor, etc. So I tried just printing two topics. Still nothing happens.

      So I switched and loaded in one of the sample projects that came with RH 6 and tried printing that. Still no go.

      Has anyone else seen this? Found a way around it? Maybe this is just one of the things that won't work with Vista.

      I really wish they would release a patch or a new version shortly that supports Vista... I can output fine to chm at least. But I really need this printed manual...