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    AVCHD footage, Timeline is yellow and will not render past a certain point ??

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      I am using Cs5, and footage is from a Sony NXCAM, AVCHD, 1920x1080i.  Anyway, all the footage is the same, about 60 minutes worth.

      I have an good video card, the 3800 so I am able tyo use the Mercury engine. And I have started this project twice now from scratch, with the same results each time.


      From the onset, the clips I put on the timeline create the 'yellow' bar, even though the settings I use match my footage exactly. (Strange)

      Some of the transitions I use turn the yellow area to red, and it doesn't play back well unless I render the entire work area. All is well until about 12-15 minutes in, then when I ask the software to render the entire work area it no longer does.  It just starts playiong the timeline like it already did it.  But the small red and yellow portions are still there.


      So why it won't render betond a certain point is very puzzing!


      I took about 40 minutes of footage directly to Encore and was able to put the whole timeline, red parts and all on to a Blue Ray disc.


      I then exported the mixed colored timeline to media encoder, I wanted to create a smaller SD file for DVD and 'encoder' only encoded the green area of the timeline, about 12 minutes.


      Anyway, I cannot get the timeline to render after about 12-15 minutes of footage.  The time was slightly different on both projects.


      Any help would be appreciated!