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    Mask deforms object

    Elviss Strazdins Level 1

      I have a problem which I can't resolve. The problem is that if I apply a mask to object, it shows up deformed in swf.

      Here is what I see in Flash CS5 (sorry for large images):


      And this is what I get when I compile it and run swf (or run it embedded in html):


      It looks a little bit rotated and skewed to the left. If I copy and paste the movieclip with mask to a new flash document, the problem dissaperas, so I guess it has something to do with Flash settings. I tried to compile for Flash 10 and Flash 9, but the deformation remains. The problem is that creating a new flash document and copying all images to new one is not an option, because the project is ~80MB.


      Here are my publish settings:


      Again, sorry for large images. I hope somebody can lead me to a solution, because I don't have time to remove all masks and cut those images to the needed size.