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    cs4 extension manager


      Hope someone out ther can solve this.....

      OS: win vista home premium

      Adobe CS4


      I am trying to load an .mxp extension.

      when I click on the folder the extension mngr opens up and tell me that It requires 11.0 or better.  CS4 is up to date and is version 11.0.2

      The extension manager in the drop down menu only shows dreamweaver.  It is not showing photoshop nor can I find anyway to load photoshop into the drop down menu.

      I tried dld the extension manager 2.0 and the patch 2.1.  Got the files, when I tried to load them, they won't load because they are already installed.

      If it makes any diff.  this file is part of the lesson book channels and masks photoshop cs4 by deke.  I need to load this extension so that I can go thru the lessons.

      I have found on deke's site comment regarding a problem with this file loading on win7.  Being as I am running vista, none of those fixes are applicable.

      I am going bald tearing my hair out over this...not a pretty sight!  Old,fat and bald..phfffft!  :-)
      Thanks all....