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    How do i collect 3 x text lines into one line



      i have made a Adobe pdf form and try to convert it into a LiveCycle form.

      This is apparently a problem, cause it simply doeset work.....


      What i´m trying to do is having 3 different input fields and one filed that collect the 3 input text in one line:


      text1 (input field 01)

      text2 (input field 02)

      text3 (input field 03)


      text1text2text3 (Read field containing: field01+field02+filed03)


      ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ---------


      Normaly in Adobe PDF i just give the three fields name,- and the forth i give the script:


      var a = this.getField("tekst_01").value;
      var b = this.getField("tekst_02").value;
      var c = this.getField("tekst_03").value;
      event.value = (a)+(b)+(c);


      But i cant seem to make it work in LiveCycle!!!!!

      ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ---------


      I´m totaly new to LiveCycle, so please have that in mind if you got an solution ;-)