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    DNG profiles and WB

    Marco N. Level 1

      Can a DNG profile to change the WB setting?



      Mmhm maybe the video is not so clear, but the new profile canghes the WB from 4650 / 14 to 5000 / 15


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          Manovi Level 1

          If I remember well about the WB values in ACR/LR, those numbers are related to the rendering of the image to give the correct WB "look" but aren't fixed. They can be even different from those in other raw converters.


          So it seems to me the WB values can be influenced by the color profile used.


          May be Jeff Schewe or someone from Adobe can give you more in-deep details about the WB rendering in ACR.



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            Marco N. Level 1

            The problem is not the image rendering, but the stuff that when I select a DNG custom profile the Temperature and Tind sliders moves themselve ...

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              Manovi Level 1

              Yes, because, to my knowledge, ACR mantains the WB appearance as it should "look" the same, but numerical values can vary to give that look using different color profiles.


              This topic answer may confirm my thoughts: http://forums.adobe.com/message/1384150#1384150



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                MadManChan2000 Adobe Employee

                Yes, this is expected behavior.


                When you have the White Balance set to As Shot, the white reference is usually the "as-shot neutral" (as explained in the DNG spec, "AsShotNeutral specifies the selected white balance at time of capture, encoded as the coordinates of a perfectly neutral color in linear reference space values."). The translation from this so-called AsShotNeutral to temperature & tint values depends on the ColorMatrix tags, which in turn depends on the profile being used.


                So when you change the profile, you potentially change the color matrix (or matrices) being used, which in turn potentially changes the translation to temp/tint values.


                If you specify a custom temp/tint for the WB, then you are setting the white reference based on temp/tint values (i.e., effectively xy coordinates), as opposed to the AsShotNeutral.


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                  Marco N. Level 1

                  Now it is clear, thank you Eric