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    Feeding a slideshow from an external file

    Jens Peermann Level 2

      A client is asking for a slideshow to embed into a web page. The slideshow will have a thumbnail bar with arrows on either side to switch to the next or previous batch of thumbnails.


      This slideshow needs to be linked to an external file that will contain pictures submitted by visitors to the site. The pictures will automatically generate thumbnails that will call a large version of the image when clicked on.


      My current knowledge about flash and AS3 coding does not enable me to do this. I wouldn't be surprised if it's not possible at all. It sounds like something that needs to be handled by a content management system. But I thought I give it a try and ask here.


      Maybe I'm lucky and it's not only possible but there also are templates available for the asking...  No harm in dreaming.


      Thanks for your input.