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    Need help moving text

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      Using CS4 on Win7 Pro. My client bought a template that has a flash piece and I am a total novice in Flash but I do know that you edit the FLA file and export it as a movie. So I opened the FLA file and I'm able to edit the text (all that I want to do right now) but some of the text I'm replacing is longer than the original so it gets hidden under a replay button and some is shorter and is spaced too far away from the replay button (I also want to change the color of that and I think I can figure that one out). There is plenty of room to the left for the text to move to as the original file does have varying lengths of text and it does adjust for that but I can't figure out how to change it for what I've done (I haven't received the final text yet so this is a practice run)... I changed the text by going to the timeline and selecting text from the icon (Edit Symbols) in the upper right of the screen. But where do I tell it where the text should start or how wide it needs to be? I tried moving them individually in the timeline but that didn't change it.

      Here's the file: http://do-rightweb.com/fertility/flash/header_vJT.fla (I only want to leave this up temporarily because it is huge. The test location of the file in action is here: http://do-rightweb.com/fertility/


      In the future I may have to swap out some of the images leaving the transitions which I think I can do by adding them as a layer deleting the ones I'm replacing...


      So if anyone can lend a hand in helping me figure out how to adjust the text width I would be totally jacked! Any help and advice about swapping images or changing colors would be greatly appreciated too. Or even a link to a video to help me understand how to reverse engineer this would be cool.


      Thanks in advance for your help and assistance!

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          Since the text animation is done using the timeline in this file you have to manually edit the positioning of the each symbol element in every keyframe i.e

          You have to go in to the editing mode for txt_c instance of txt_2 > Layer 8 where the required elements are placed


          1. You have to position the Layer 1(under Layer 8) items at every key frame for the display text

          you may have problem while positioning second text onwards as you will not be seeing them on stage. For this you may want to duplicate the symbol(txt_5) at key frame 37 and edit it to have only the second text and remove everything else. And you can swap the existing symbols at key frame 44 and key frame 54. You can repeat this for the rest of the text.

          2. Next you have to position the numbers which spread across three layers (txt_3, txt_4 and Layer 6) under Layer 8. They are for prefix number, suffix number and the dot respectively


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            like I said, I am clueless.I just don't know how to move around and what view I should be in. Usually I can back or reverse engineer things but I'm just lost. I know PS and a tiny bit of AI but this has me baffled. The last word is can I get rid of all the text and change the images? SO I went in and deleted all the text and then went and swapped an image and it's working. But I wish I knew how to get around in it better and then maybe I could figure out things...


            Thanks very much for your help but I just am not following.