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    another N00b question....

    richardELeach Level 1

      ... sorry for these beginner questions! I searched the Adobe help and did a Google but no clear answer.....


      I have several sequences in my project and would like to apply all of the effects that I applied to the first sequence to all of the other sequences in my project. Is there a setting somewhere that will do this for me?


      Thanks in advance,



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          One way is to create a custom effects preset containing the effect parameters you used in your first sequence. Then apply that custom preset to the other sequences. See Create and save an effect preset.

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            Colin Brougham Level 6

            No, not other than good ol' copy and paste. Either select the effects in the Effects Control Panel and Edit > Copy (or use the requisite keyboard shortcut), then select the destination clips and Edit > Paste (or shortcut), or you can select a clip that has the effects you want, copy that, and then select the destination clips and go Edit > Paste Attributes.


            Depending on the nature of your effects, you can also nest your original edit sequence into a new one, and apply the effect(s) to just the nested sequence. In this way, you're applying the effect(s) just once, so their easier to tweak or remove, if necessary.

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              richardELeach Level 1

              Perfect! Thanks, not sure why I didn't see it in my search results, stoopid internet =)

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                the_wine_snob Level 9



                We are very fortunate to have Todd from Adobe around here now. He is the Adobe Help expert, and works hard to improve Help files. If you have a moment, please outline your search criteria, and what results you got. Could be as simple as a boolean error, but might be something that Todd would want to look into. On our parts, adding info like that is a bit more typing, but with Todd's eyes viewing, it might help others in the future.


                Good luck, and thanks for taking the time to add a few more details, even though you have your answer.




                PS - don't tell Todd, but I am still a fan of books, and miss my Adobe printed manuals greatly. Still, I see the benefit of an evergreen, almost instantly updated electronic Help file. They just don't smell the same as my books...